Accordingly, the city will promote the popularization of legal documents and regulations on food safety; provide knowledge of production, trade and consumption of safe agricultural products; organize training courses on benefits of food safety assurance for public health and responsibilities of producers, processors and traders for ensuring food safety.

Additionally, Ha Noi will also provide knowledge and skills to identify safe agricultural products for consumers; give full information of facilities producing, trading safe agricultural products; combat facilities which do not meet food safety standards; give guidelines and encourage the application and replication of production processes and trade of safe agricultural products and develop safe agricultural product chains.

Additional, the city will pay attention to communicating, instructing and training knowledge and skills for production, process, preservation, transportation and consumption of safe food as well as the use of pesticides, veterinary drugs, chemicals, food additives, etc.; encouraging the application of high quality management programs  according to GMP standards; Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and organizations in the food chain (ISO 22000) in producing, processing, trading safe agricultural products.
Besides, the capital city will focus on directing, instructing and operating manufacturing and trading facilities in accordance with diversified forms of cooperation; building and replicating  production models of safe agricultural products; organizing many activities of trade promotion, production connection and consumption of safe agricultural products in Ha Noi and neighboring provinces, cities; enhancing the development of chains meeting food safety standards; building trademarks and introducing them to consumers in the area.

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