Livelihood problems to be solved (04:56 11/08/2018)

HNP - After the 6th session of the 15th Municipal People’s Council, the Municipal People’s Council deputies met voters of 30 districts and towns. The voters voiced their concerns over livelihood problems.

In terms of policies and mechanisms, voters of Ung Hoa district asked Ha Noi to urge the Department of Transport to study and amend lighting time on the roads for convenience of the people, since the lighting system operates inefficiently.

Thuong Tin district’s voters asked the city to consider specialized policy for particular communes in difficult circumstances, such as the families with low income, 3 to 4 generations under one roof, and unable to afford land use right auction.


Voters of Chuong My, Dan Phuong and Me Linh suburban districts request the city’s government to consider higher financial support for heads of villages, hamlets and heads of branches of social, political organizations. Meanwhile, voters of Thuong Tin district asked Ha Noi to consider and provide all full allowance for part-time specialized officers at commune level, so that they can overcome difficulties, ensure stable life, stick to their job and fulfill targets. Currently, the part-time specialized officers at commune level enjoy only 30% of the allowance when they take another duty at the same time. Voters of Phu Xuyen district asked for a policy to support teachers in kindergartens, since the have low income without allowance for workers engaged to toxic and dangerous working enviroment.

In terms of planning, land management and issuance of land use right certificate, construction order, transport and urban, voters of Hoan Kiem district asked capital city to check overdue projects which have notbeen implemented yet. If investors are incapable of implementing projects, prolong the implementation, or use the projects for wrong purposes, the projects must be withdrawn promptly and handed over to other capable investors. Voters also voiced their concern over ineffective street cleaning trucks, since they just clean the roads without removing dust and waste on the pavements.

Voters of Ha Dong district urged city to speed up progress of building the Pediatric Hospital, and review and make planning of parking lots. Currently, autos are parked disorderly on the roads and public places.

Voters of Hoang Mai district requested Ha Noi to review construction of the overpass at intersection of Giai Phong and Nguyen Van Troi streets, since there is heavy traffic flow and many high-rise apartment  blocks are under construction in this area.

Voters of Thuong Tin district expected that Ha Noi will begin the project on expanding 1A Highway from Thanh Tri to Thuong Tin and Phu Xuyen district soon, because the old 1A Highway is facing heavy traffic, and traffic jams and accidents occur frequently.

Voters of Bac Tu Liem district asked the city’s government to consider planning when issuing construction license for commercial apartments and resettlement apartments, so that population density is not too high, and schools and transport are not overloaded.  They also asked for policy on tightening control, consider use of buildings after 20 years and responsibility of parties in repairing of degraded items, works which fail to meet fire safety requirements.

Voters of Ba Dinh, Tay Ho and Quoc Oai districts requested Ha Noi to check projects of which land is withdrawn for years yet they are not implemented or implemented behind schedule, and take measures to handle them, so that there is no unused land while people have no land for cultivation.
Voters of My Duc district complained about slow progress of land unction procedure, while people have high demand of residential land. Therefore, they asked the city to speed up the progress.

In terms of security and order, fire fighting and prevention, voters of Long Bien district asked for measures to tackle fire safety problems in apartment buildings, especially the old ones with old, degraded fire fighting and prevention systems, small roads, no access for fire trucks, wrongly designed fire water system and without emergency exit.

In terms of education, health care, labor, invalids, social affairs and culture, voters of Ba Vi district ask for further investment to build preschools in crowded area. Due to high population and lack of kindergartens, the children must attend private schools; their parents voiced concerns over quality of these private kindergartens, and policy to support kindergarten teachers who work in nine to ten hours.

The voters of Ba Vi also asked Ha Noi to pay attention to reducing the size of workforce properly in order to improve quality of civil servants and professionalism of public service activities. They also asked for information about burning issues, such as sharing population database in the fields of banking, notarization, and handling encroachment upon roadsides and pavements.

Hoan Kiem district’s voters requested more information of outcome after implementing Resolution No. 18 of the Party Central Committee on further reforming, arranging apparatus of the political system for efficient and effective operation.

By Mai Phuong

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