Health Sector to launch Action Month for Labour Safety and Sanitation in 2019 (13:31 17/02/2019)

HNP - The Ha Noi Department of Health granted Official Letter No. 633/SYT-NVY on February 11th, carrying out the Action Month for Labour Safety and Sanitation 2019 in the capital city.

Accordingly, the Department of Health asked units to join the Action Month for Labour Safety and Sanitation in 2019; increase health checkups for labourers to early detect their occupational diseases; cooperate with press and radio agencies to strengthen  communication on labour safety and sanitation in an effort to improve working conditions as well as  prevent occupational diseases; enhance popularization and education to raise employers’ and employees’ awareness on healthcare at working places; organize conferences, seminars, contests on labour safety and sanitation, and occupational disease prevention. 
Units are tasked to well implement the task of labour safety and sanitation, fire prevention and fighting; collaborate with relevant units in the area to well carry out a wide range of activities during the action month. 
The Ha Noi Centre for Disease Control is assigned to act as a standing agency, and proactively cooperate with relevant unit to act as an advisor in effectively implementing the plan on launching the Action Month for Labour Safety and Sanitation 2019 in the city; participate in the city’s interdisciplinary inspection teams to check the observance of provisions of Laws on Labour Safety and Sanitation, Fire Prevention and Fighting in local units, and enterprises, etc; recommend the Department of Health to propose collectives and individuals having outstanding achievements in labor safety and hygiene to the Ministry of Health for commendation.

By Tran Huong

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