Important issues approved in the 7th session of Ha Noi People’s Council (13:36 07/12/2018)

HNP - After the session on December 4, the members of Municipal People’s Council approved important issues, including final settlement of state budget in 2017; amending five-year mid-term public investment plan (2016 to 2020) at city level; resolution on list of the projects with land withdrawal in 2019; project on changing purpose of rice cultivation land, protection forest land and special-use forest land in 2019.

Vice Chairwoman of the Municipal People’s Council Phung Thi Hong Ha presides over the session.

Approving final settlement of Ha Noi’s total state budget in 2017

According to final settlement, total state budget revenue is over VND 212.5 trillion, accounting for 103.8% against the estimates. Local budget revenue reaches over VND 138.5 trillion. Total local budget is over VND 107 trillion, of which over VND 35.2 trillion is transferred to 2018 budget.

In 2017, 12 of 17 revenue sources are completed and increased against estimates. The rest five fail to reach the estimated amount. Revenues from state-owned enterprises is over VND 44.3 trillion, accounting for 75% of total estimates.

Some enterprises fail to run their business effectively, and have to deal with losses of previous years; others are in the process of equitization and restructuring, which affects their operation. Revenues from the foreign investment sector reaches over 22.7 trillion, accounting for 92.3% of estimated amount. A number of enterprises witness significant reduction of consumption output and tax amount compared to 2016, and it leads to the decrease in revenues.

Other revenues of state budget reaches around VND6.5 trillion, meeting 92.5% of the estimates.

Amendment of mid-term public investment plan

The Ha Noi People’s Committee decides to increase total amount of public investment at city level from VND 104.723 billion to VND 119.225 billion.

According to the Municipal People’s Committee, after three years of implementing five-year mid-term investment (2016-2020), the Municipal People’s Committee puts 569 works into operation. After reviewing the identified sources, the Municipal People’s Committee also releases plan to balance the sources for newly arising demand. The plan focuses on certain areas as following: projects in the fields of education, training and vocational training (20 projects managed by the city and 202 projects in districts supported by the city are supplemented; total mid-term capital is increased by nearly VND5.455 billion; budget for this branch accounts for 12.06% of total mid-term budget for capital construction); adding 21 irrigation projects, and increasing total mid-term capital over VND1.860 trillion (accounting for 8.9% of total capital for capital construction); adding major traffic and infrastructure in the suburban districts which will be transformed into districts according to the approved scheme and road map into mid-term plan.

Approving the list of 1686 projects with proposal of land withdrawal

The Ha Noi People’s Council approves land withdrawal for 1686 out of 1736 projects proposed by the People’s Committee, and 308 among 311 projects with land use purpose change.


Vice Chairwoman of the Municipal People’s Council Phung Thi Hong Ha urged the People’s Committee in cooperation with related agencies to review and maintain quality of the approved projects.

By Mai Phuong

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