Teleconference on evaluating socio-economic situation in 2018 (19:53 25/09/2018)

HNP – The Ministry of Investment and Planning organized a teleconference with localities nationwide on September 24th to evaluate the socio-economic situation in 2018 and make a 2019 plan.

Minister of Investment and Planning Nguyen Chi Dung presides over the teleconference.

The event was chaired by Nguyen Chi Dung, member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Investment and Planning. Vice Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Doan Toan and leaders of several departments, sectors attended the teleconference at Ha Noi destination.


According to a report of the Ministry of Investment and Planning, the socio-economic situation has been maintained stably and recorded positive changes. 12 targets are expected to complete as scheduled, contributing to successfully implementing set goals of the five year socio-economic development.

Particularly, the macro-economy is maintained stably; the GDP was estimated at 6.7%; inflation was under control with the consumer price index (CPI) being  well maintained below 4%; the financial market experienced stable progress as credit growth was at around 17%, meeting sufficient capital for the production and business sector.

Public debts reduced from 63.7% in 2016 to about 61.4% in 2018; state budge revenue was estimated at over VND 1.35 quadrillion, up around 3% against the estimate and posting 5.5% compared to the same period last year; the total investment was estimated to reach VND 1.89 quadrillion, up 13.3% and equal 34% of the GDP.

The socio-cultural sector has been paid special attention and gained remarkable achievements, significantly contributing to maintaining security, social order and improving people’s living standards.

At the teleconference, participants focused on discussing and clarifying results, shortcomings, weaknesses and offering solutions for 2019 and following years.


Vice Chairman of the Ha Noi People’s Committee Nguyen Doan Toan makes a statement at the teleconference.


Making a statement at the teleconference, Vice Chairman of the Ha Noi People’s Committee Nguyen Doan Toan said that in the first 9 months of 2018, the city’s economy posted the high growth rate. GRDP was estimated to increase 7.17%; tourists rose 17.6%, in which, international visitors up 19.8%; export turnover was estimated at US$ 10.5 billion, up 21.6%; indexes of industry and agriculture increased 7.4$ and 3.37% respectively.

Total investment was estimated at VND 219.44 trillion, up 10.3%; FDI fetched US$  6.265 billion, 5.39 higher than the same period last year; 18.68 thousand enterprises were established with the total registered capital of VND 204.53 trillion; state budget was estimated at VND 166.2 trillion, equal 69.7% of the estimate, up 13.7%.

Besides, Ha Noi made greater gains in urban management, planning, environmental sanitation, socio-cultural development, education and healthcare, etc.


Basing gained achievements in the first 9 months of the year, the Municipal People’s Committee expects to fulfill set targets.


Making conclusion at the teleconference, Minister of Investment and Planning Nguyen Chi Dung affirmed that 2018 plays an important role in reviewing results of the five-year implementation.


Regarding key measures in the coming time, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung asked to consolidate the background of the macro economy, increase the capacity of economy, control the inflation rate, improve business environment and promote GDP.

He stressed the need to drastically implement three strategic breakthroughs and economic restructuring; renew growth model and increase economic competitiveness according to set targets, goals.


More efforts must be made to effectively implement social welfare policies, focus on measures to promote natural resources in association with environmental protection, disaster prevention and climate change adaption, strengthen administrative reform, tighten discipline, build e-government to serve people, enhance the fight against corruption and wastefulness and settle complaints and denunciations, he emphasized.

By Tran Huong

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