Synchronous measures to reduce traffic jams and environmental pollution (14:11 14/11/2017)

HNP – The Department of Transport released the Plan No. 890/KH-SGTVT on November 11, deploying the project “Strengthening the management of land-road traffic means to reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution in Ha Noi for the 2017 – 2020 period with a view to 2030”.

Accordingly, along with strengthening the popularization of implementing the plan, the Department of Transport will focus on building projects, schemes and plans. For key missions of the Department of Transport, its subordinate units will make planning on developing land-road traffic means in the capital city by 2030. Firstly, units will make planning on public transportation by bus and taxi by 2030 to ensure the reasonable management of buses and taxis. Besides, units will bid for the rights to exploit the number of taxis which are replaced every year; issue management regulations of taxis.


Furthermore, the Department of Transport will advise and propose regulations on technical standards and emission standards for motorbikes to the Municipal People’s Committee so as to well control their quality in the area; set up major projects, such as: establishing a center for operating public transport services in connection with a center for supervising, operating information and technology so as to ensure the data shared among relevant agencies as well as to improve the efficiency of the state management of transport; build data base of traffic infrastructures, means and software for managing and operating smart traffic systems as well as handling violation cases.


In addition, the Department of Transport will be in charge of strengthening the application of terminals to ensure the effective implementation of smart traffic connection among management agencies, enterprises and people; making the project on charging fees of motor vehicles into several downtown areas which are high risks of traffic jams and environmental pollution; building online traffic maps for the traffic management and operation; boosting the application of information and technology in managing, using parking lots; reviewing and re-arranging the network of bus routes; improving the quality of public transport services in the area, etc.

By Tran Huong

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