Ung Hoa District deploys prevention of avian influenza A (H7N9) (21:44 16/03/2017)

HNP – The Health Center of Ung Hoa District organized a conference on March 14, deploying prevention of avian flu A (H7N9) in the area.

At the conference, the center deployed the Plan No.55/2017/KH-UBND of the district People’s Committee on preventing avian flu A (H7N9); popularized risks, harms, situation and warning of the disease in the community, etc.


The district People’s Committee asked the Medical Division, the Health Center, Van Dinh General Hospital, relevant sectors, People’s Committees of communes, towns to well implement prevention of avian flu A (H7N9) in the area.


In addition, functional sectors are tasted to jointly strengthened communication on radio systems; give out communication leaflets to improve people’s awareness on avian flu A (H7N9) and preventive measures; well control, quarantine food safety.


Meanwhile,  authorized agencies are responsible for making plans, arranging human resource in response to diseases if occur; tightening the control, announcing cases back from foreign countries, especially China to the district to monitor and timely detect infected ones.


Members of Steering Committees in communes, towns will focus on immediately deploying the Plan of the district People’s Committee to effectively implement prevention of avian flu A (H7N9).

By Tran Huong

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