Increasing effort to fight fake products, commercial frauds in the next months (18:07 11/08/2017)

HNP - The Government’s Office issues Announcement 344/TB-VPCP on conclusion of Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh at national online conference to sum up performance in the first half and orientation, mission in the next months of the National Steering Committee 389.

In the first half of 2017, authorities detected and handled nearly 89,000 cases of violation, prosecuted around 1,200 cases, and collected around VND 8 trillion for the state budget, an increase of 40% against the same period last year. The authorities also developed policies and processes, and improved apparatus of the 389 Steering Committee from central to grassroots level to meet demand.

For the near future, the Permanent Deputy Prime Minister requests ministries, sectors and localities to strictly follow and implement programs, plans and instructions of the Government, Prime Minister and National Steering Committee 389; the fight against smuggling, fake products and commercial fraud must be considered as an important political mission of agencies at all levels and sectors.

Aside from combating smuggling, fake products and commercial fraud, the ministries, sectors and localities must take measures to improve business, investment environment and reform administrative procedures; apply science and technology, improve management process and manner to reduce process, improve quality of products and balance supply and demand in domestic market; develop society and economy in remote areas, border areas; popularize new-style rural area construction and movement on protecting national security, and help people stabilize their lives, so that they do not support smuggling and illegal transport of goods across borders.

The Deputy PM also requires more inspection and democracy as well as publicity in personnel, especially staff allocation and mobilization, emulation and commendation. Heads of the government and authorities take responsibility, if  cases of smuggling, commercial fraud and fake products occur; officers violating the regulations must be fined severely according to legal regulations.

Popularization will be increased, focusing on prevention and fight against smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit products. Burning issues and cases must be checked and reported to investigation agencies for further processing according to the law. Investigation will be enhanced in order to thus timely detect and handle cases of smuggling, commercial fraud, production and trade of counterfeits; specific investigation campaign will be launched, focusing on leaders of the gangs. Authorities should be provided modern equipments to perform the tasks.

The Steering Committees 389 of ministries, sectors and localities proactively build plan and set targets; give proposal on reviewing performance and enhancing the authorities, and allocate qualified and capable officers; proactively review, classify documents and suggest measures to rectify the improper ones; create favorable conditions for officers, staffs and soldiers of forces to perform their tasks.

By Mai Phuong

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