Prime Minister’s directive on rectifying and increasing land management (15:35 11/01/2018)

HNP - The PM has recently issued Directive No. 01/CT-TTg on rectifying, increasing land management and building information system of land.

In an effort to rectify land management, overcome problems and enhance the database of land, the PM requests Chairpeople of cities and provinces under the Central Government to give direction to review and estimate the implementation of land law in agencies and sectors, hence making plans, giving measures to rectify land management and handling problems in each locality. It focuses on following tasks:
- Make and issue regulations on stipulating the implementation of Law on Land, resolutions and circulars at levels; review, eliminate, amend them, or ask competent authorities to eliminate, amend the regulations which are no more suitable or effective;
- Promptly complete the amendment of land use planning to 2020 of all levels, maintain quality and comprehensiveness, and increase feasibility; increase the examination and supervision, focusing on the implementation of land use planning and plan at all levels; review, amend or eliminate projects and works which are included in annual plan but have not been implemented in the past three years, thus ensuring rights of land users;
- Review projects and plans, of which decision on land withdrawal or compensation are issued but not implemented yet, especially the key projects and the works of which decisions on land withdrawal were issued before July 1, 2014; specify reasons, plan and measure to carry out the projects and investment works;
- Severely punish the organizations and individuals that unlawfully hand over land, rent land, change land use purpose, register the land and issue certificates; severely punish the loose management which leads to illegal encroachment upon land, illegally change land use purpose or slow progress of putting land into use;
- Check the economic organizations which must rent land according to the law yet still receive land from the State, as well as the public units which launch autonomous financing mechanism yet still use land given by the State without paying fee; urge them to rent land according to legal regulations;
- Increase the cooperation, and specify responsibility of land evaluation agencies as well as land evaluation councils, thus managing and identifying land price on schedule; realize regulations on land auction after re-arranging state-owned houses and land lots in order to prevent loss of revenues and prevent corruption;
- Increase the administration reform of land in localities to maintain transparency, publicity and reduce time to process procedures; eliminate or amend tasks and papers which are improper or cause inconvenience to the people when processing land procedures;
- Review and make a list of unresolved cases; point out reasons and measures to handle them.

The PM also gives following instruction:
- Severely punish leaders of agencies and units which are responsible for encroachment upon land, illegal transfer or change of land use purpose or improper land transfer;
- Increase inspection, specify the areas prone to landslide, and proactively allocate land fund and prepare plan to move people out of dangerous areas;
- Check, review and assess the management and use of agricultural land for public use, detect and severely punish the illegal land rent, land use for unclear purpose, land use without public land rent dossier or incomplete dossier, and land use without registration;
- Review and specify landmarks, make cadastral map, hand over the land, issue certificates, develop database of land for agricultural and forestry companies according to instruction of the PM under Directive No. 11/CT-TTg dated April 4, 2016 on implementing Resolution No. 112/2015/QH13 of the National Assembly;
- Increase inspection, check the management and use of land, supervise and urge implementation of inspection results to detect and severely handle violations;
- Deal with disputed and crowded petitioners which cause public disorder and affect economic development as well as investment environment; proactively receive and handle people’s report on violations in the field of land use, so that people can take part in the supervision;
- Increase the development of land database under the roadmap on building e-government to reduce the time to process administrative procedures, and provide the best services to people and enterprises;
- Request localities to allocate state budget to perform land management tasks; use at least 10% of annual revenues from land rent and land use for making cadastral map, land registration, database development and issuance of certificate under Directive 1474/CT-TTg dated August 24, 2011 and Directive No. 1474/CT-TTg dated April 4, 2013 of the PM;
- Improve the capacity of land registration offices and land fund development center according to Law on Land, Decree 43/2014/ND-CP and guideline of ministries and sectors.

By Mai Phuong

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