Ensuring traffic safety and order in up-coming holidays (19:10 21/04/2017)

HNP – The Municipal Department of Transport just granted the Plan No. 244/KH-SGTVT to deploy the tasks of ensuring traffic order and safety in the city to serve people's travel demands during the up-coming holidays of Reunification Day (April 30) and International Labor Day (May 1).

The Department of Transport will coordinate closely with People’s Committee of districts, sub-districts and towns to synchronously and timely implement the work of management and maintenance of the urban transport infrastructure system, ensuring traffic order and safety throughout the city.

The Department of Transport asked transport infrastructure management units in the area to focus on checking and reviewing traffic works, develop plans for the maintenance and regular maintenance of transport works so as to ensure traffic order during construction; regularly arrange forces, means, supplies and machinery to promptly respond to traffic incidents causing traffic unsafely to traffic works in their assigned localities.

Additionally, the department will coordinate closely with functional departments of the city and People's Committees of districts and towns to strengthen traffic order and safety, minimize traffic accidents and traffic congestion in the city; prepare plan for guarantee safety, quality of public transport service as well as quality of vehicles, hence satisfying people’s demand of transport during the peak period; severely punish violations of traffic safety and actions that might cause traffic accidents.

Furthermore, they shall coordinate with People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns and railway, waterway units to take measures and guarantee traffic safety at intersections of roads and railroads, on rural roads, at docks, wharves and ports on rivers, while detecting risks and cooperating with management agencies to handle them promptly.

By Le Anh

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