Ha Noi: Many health mechanisms, policies for women (21:26 11/10/2017)

HNP – After ten years of carrying out Law on Gender Equality, Ha Noi has paid special attention to timely dealing with concerned issues relating to women, especially in the health sector.

Accordingly, for ten years, the capital city has directed the health sector to positively implement guidelines, policies of the Party and the State for the gender equality task. In particular, Ha Noi has deployed the program on public health care so as to gradually improve health of women, men and children in the community; developed the network of health checkups in communes, wards and towns; paid attention to public healthcare. In addition, hospitals at district level have also been repaired, improved and built. Especially, the quality of health examination has been improved remarkably.


Furthermore, the Municipal Committee for Women’s Advancement assigned the Women’s Association to take prime responsibility to implement the project “Screening for breast and cervical cancer for women in the capital city”. Over the past three periods, the Women’s Association gave consultancy to 127,828 women at the age of from 35-60.


In addition, the Department of Health has proactively coordinated with press agencies to strengthen communication on the imbalance of sex ratio at birth on mass media so as to improve the awareness of leaders at all levels and people about consequences of gender imbalance at birth.


Besides, the Department of Health has also directed medical establishments to strictly perform regulations on not releasing fetal sex to pregnant women and their relatives; do not remove the fetus for sex reasons. By the end of 2016, the sex ratio at birth was 114 boys to 100 girls; 98% of pregnant women approached to health services and 99% of them were vaccinated against tetanus; etc.


Agencies, units and localities have encouraged and created favorable conditions for officials, female civil servants and employees to access and enjoy medical services, such as: providing periodic health checkups; encouraging women to well implement family planning; boosting the popularization of HIV/AIDS prevention; etc.

By Tran Huong

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