Increase effort to prevent drowning and accidents among students (07:03 14/12/2017)

HNP - Ministry of Education and Training has recently issued Official Letter No. 5675/BGDDT-GDTC and sent it to Department of Education and Training, pedagogic universities, colleges and schools, urging more effort to prevent drowning and accidents in students.

Recently, many accidents have occurred in schools in localities, injuring or even killing the pupils and students; that has made families and communities worried and unsafe. Some accidents are result of natural disasters; some accidents occur because degraded, unsafe facilities and equipment are not fixed or renovated timely, and they cause accidents to students and teachers. Some others, such as burning and drowning, occur due to students’ actions without supervision of the adults, as the children do not have enough knowledge and skills to prevent accidents.

In order to proactively respond to different kinds of accidents, drowning and protect the students, the Ministry of Education and Training requests educational establishments, pedagogic universities, colleges and schools to take actions as following:
- Increase their leadership, strictly and efficiently realize written instruction of the Prime Minister as well as Minister of Education and Training on preventing and controlling accidents and drowning among the students;
- Increase popularization and education, improve students’ sense of complying with regulations on preventing and controlling accidents and drowning; raise sense of responsibility of staffs, teachers and lecturers in managing students, ensure safety in schools; pay special attention to guiding skills to prevent and control accidents and drowning for the students;
- Keep supervision, and request the children not to play dangerous games; strongly recommend them not to play around lakes, rivers and ponds where drowning accident might take place, and not to go swimming without supervision of adults; conduct popularization and information work in proper time or during group activities, raise people’s awareness of preventing and controlling accidents and drowning;
- Give instruction to review, check and make statistics of the infrastructure in schools, classrooms, teaching equipments, supplies for recreational activities in the schools; make plan to repair, or submit report/ request the competent authority to fix, replace or improve degraded, expired facilities and equipment, thus preventing accidents to the students;
- Closely cooperate with local government, proactively prepare plans to respond to unexpected weather changes, natural disasters and floods, thus guaranteeing safety of the students;
- Conduct regular check, supervise the implementation of plan in schools and educational establishments; handle incidents, and timely report to the Ministry.

By Mai Phuong

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