Meeting on popularization of law in the fourth quarter (07:04 14/12/2017)

HNP – Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee Le Hong Son presided over a meeting on December 11, focusing on cooperation and popularization of law in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Vice Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee Le Hong Son

According to the report, the popularization of the law is conducted pursuant to plan of the Central Government and Ha Noi, and to fulfill political tasks of the city, such as Year of Administrative Discipline, anti-corruption, citizen reception, complaints and denunciations settlement, security and urban civilization, traffic safety, fire fighting and prevention.

Contests on law are implemented in diversified ways, such as writing contest, online writing contest and online competition, and attract a lot of officers, civil servants and people. Law popularization is enhanced; there are 143 reporters at city level, 789 reporters at district and town level, and 10,890 reporters at commune and ward level.

The information work is also conducted in schools and among particular target groups. The popularization of the law is implemented from preschool level to high school level, and significantly improve teachers’ and students’ awareness and sense of law compliance. It also contributes to the stabilization of social order and educational environment.

Furthermore, information work is conducted on mass media and radio system at grassroots level. There are 1,191 articles, reportages and seminars on relevant issues. From the beginning of 2017 to the end of November, there are 4,498 articles and news on law popularization activities in districts and agencies, conciliation and legal advice.

According to Vice Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee Le Hong Son, apart from progresses, there are still shortcomings in law popularization in Ha Noi. In order to promote effectiveness and overcome the problems, the cooperation and law popularization should be conducted regularly and persistently. For the near future, he suggested that the Department of Justice should strictly follow instruction of the Municipal Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee, focusing on the key points according to theme of the year, prepare plan and urge units to make plan on schedule and according to regulations.

He also asked the Department of Justice to increase cooperation with relevant units to popularize the law efficiently. It should coordinate with Department of Information and Communications to check management of Collection of Legal Book, cooperate with Ha Noi Radio and Television to conduct information work of law in the best times, and use the social networks for popularization of law. Units shall focus on popularization and education of law, focusing on particular target groups like students, employees, officers, civil servants, enterprises and vendors.

By Mai Phuong

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