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Guaranteeing safety in educational establishments (15/03/2017)

HNP - According to Official Letter 2032/VP-KGVX issued on March 9, the Municipal People’s Committee Office requests relevant agencies to realize instruction of the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee.

This is Ha Noi’s effort to realize instruction of the Secretary of Municipal Party Committee in Document 857- CV/VPTU dated February 24, 2017 of the Municipal Party Committee Office on increasing measures to guarantee safety in educational establishments. Accordingly, the Department of Education and Training in cooperation with People’s Committees of districts and towns shall direct educational establishments to follow decisions, instructions and plans of the Central and the city on ensuring safety and health of the students.

The Department of Education and Training is also requested to cooperate with relevant units to make Municipal People’s Committee's draft instruction on discipline in education and training establishments, and handle legal violations of laws and moral standards in kindergartens and schools.

By Mai Phuong

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