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Effective implementation of Law on Cooperative 2012 in agriculture (08/09/2017)

HNP - According to Official Letter 8368/VP-KT dated September 5, the Municipal People’s Committee Office requests city’s agencies, sectors and Cooperative Alliance of Ha Noi to carry out Law on Cooperative 2012 in the field of agriculture in Red River Delta and North Central Region.

The Municipal People’s Committee received Report 6868/BC-BNN-KTHT dated August 17, 2017 of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on summing up the implementation of Law on Cooperative 2012 in the field of agriculture in Red River Delta and North Central Region. Accordingly, there are basically progresses in regulations, and the law meets demand in the market mechanism. However, it is necessary to review, amend and supplement the regulation in Clause 1, Article 17 on increasing maximum capital contribution of members, thus encouraging people to financially contribute to the cooperatives and increasing their capitals; simplify the regulation on establishing cooperatives to create favorable conditions for new cooperatives; add regulations on insurance into Law on Cooperatives; add mechanisms on supporting preservation after harvest, applying high-tech and safety standard into Clause 3, Article 6 of Law on Cooperatives.

For their parts, People’s Committees of provincial level increase effort to implement Law on Cooperatives in their areas, particularly review projects or plans on reforming, developing cooperatives in localities, amend or supplement measures to implement it, and mobilize resources to meet demands for developing agricultural cooperatives in the future; select some cooperatives and give them support to build chains with businesses with high-tech, safe standards, brand building and product consumption; increase capacity, improve apparatus and increase manpower to fulfill state management tasks.

In response to the document, the Municipal People’s Committee assigns Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in cooperation with Cooperative Alliance of Ha Noi, Authority of Planning and Investment, Department of Finance and relevant units to perform the tasks. When encountering problems beyond their authority, they shall report to the Municipal People’s Committee.

By Mai Phuong

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