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City witnesses progress in administration reform (03/10/2017)

HNP - The Municipal People’s Committee has recently issued Report 252/BC-UBND on administration reform in the first nine months of 2017.

In the last three quarters, administration reform is conducted comprehensively and efficiently in Ha Noi with significant progress; tasks are completed on schedule.

The city takes measures to re-organize a  number of public service delivery units. Public service delivery units at city level streamline their operation; public service delivery units at suburban district level reduce the size of workforce according to actual condition; the number of units was decreased from 229 to 96, accounting for 58%. The city also instructs construction of project on restructuring state-owned enterprises.

Administrative discipline and code of conduct for civil servants and employees are popularized thoroughly and put into practice. Inspection and supervision are increased, creating remarkable progress in performance of units and agencies. The city also strengthens management of properties and public assets according to regulation, launches new mechanism of public transport management to reduce regular administrative expenses, and increases restructuring of city’s investment funds in state-owned enterprises.

For the next months of the year, Ha Noi will enhance the reform of institutions, review, eliminate and amend legal documents which are expired or no more consistent with authority. The city will also review and complete standardization administrative procedures of all sectors and state management fields, review and develop inter-level cooperation mechanism among agencies, sectors, departments, People’s Committees of districts, suburban districts and towns in processing administrative procedures, thus creating favorable condition for people and enterprises when handling administrative procedures.

Furthermore, Ha Noi will increase effort to reduce the size of workforce, further review and improve apparatus of subordinate units and focal points at all level for smooth and efficient operation, arrange or mobilize staffs according to the approved project on work positions. Activities will be enhanced to promote the use of information technology, especially in social and economic fields, along with policy to increase e-commerce. The city will offer support to raise quality of online public services, striving to build e-government and smart city.

Administrative inspection and examination will be increased, focusing on performance at work, communicative behavior, and apparatus according project on work positions in administrative agencies and public service delivery units. Good people with good deeds, efficient methods to enhance administration reform and implement of Year of Administrative campaign will be recognized and applied further. Civil servants who violate administrative regulations will be punished severely. 

By Mai Phuong

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