Ha Noi actively controls the situation and maintains security, order (17:08 20/06/2018)

HNP - A meeting presided over by Secretary of the Municipal People’s Committee is organized on June 18th, focusing on security and order in the city.

Thanks to the leadership and close instruction of the Central Government and the Municipal Party Committee, Ha Noi’s agencies and units closely supervise the situation in the area, maintain public security, order and peace of the capital, and contribute to the success of the 5th session of the National Assembly.

Agencies at all levels, sectors and localities actively take measures, such as increasing popularization and education to improve the awareness of officers, Party members and people, and integrating into political activities of Party units and unions. With drastic measures and support of the people, the agencies and localities tackle problems, prevent illegal petitioners which might lead to disorder. As a result, Ha Noi successfully maintains political security, safety and order, and peaceful environment.

Speaking at the meeting, Secretary of the Municipal People’s Committee Hoang Trung Hai highly appreciates efforts of the agencies and localities, in particular the key forces of Party units and governments at particular places. They proactively take actions, closely follow up with the situation, and implement measures to ensure security and order in area, while dealing with the extremists cleverly and determinatedly. After analyzing changes in the security and order in the future, he asks agencies and sectors from city to grassroots level not to underestimate the situation, to be alert, strictly implement the  instruction of the Central Government and Ha Noi, closely follow up with the situation, and forecast what might happen in order to take timely and effective action.

Agencies and sectors shall increase information work, promote the key role of forces, help people understand the issue thoroughly, avoid false information, and promote their role as “ear and eye” of the people in the process of protecting security and social order. Each unit and locality shall pay attention to increasing sense of responsibility and political awareness of civil servants, officials, Party members, union members and association members.

The Steering Committees of Ha Noi and governments of districts and towns shall increase effort and handle burning issues as well as people’s feedbacks promptly at grassroots level. Agencies and sectors at all levels should strictly follow instruction of the Central Government and the city on giving information and report, while enhancing cooperation with each other and work with ministries, sectors, cities and provinces as well during the process of maintaining security and order.

Secretary Hoang Trung Hai expects that the agencies and sectors shall promote the achievement, highlight sense of responsibility of individuals and collectives, and try their utmost to maintain the security and order of Ha Noi.

By Mai Phuong

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