Industrial clusters and zones invest in wastewater treatment plants (21:16 12/03/2018)

HNP - Thanks to effort to implement Resolution No. 35/NQ-CP dated March 18, 2013 of the Government on urgent issues in the field of environment protection in industrial clusters and zones, Ha Noi has witnessed progress in quality of investment project verification.

According to report of the city’s departments and agencies, Ha Noi currently has 18 industrial zones covering around 3,441 hectares. Nine of them have been put into operation, covering 1,271 hectares; nearly 618 secondary enterprises are running their business in these zones. Nine among 18 industrial zones officially put their concentrated wastewater treatment plants into use; six others are in the process of completing procedures to amend detailed planning schemes, withdraw land, clear site and attract investment for wastewater treatment plants. Soc Son Clean Industry Park (covering 300 hectares) is approved by the Municipal People’s Committee for the detailed planning at 1:2000 scale on wastewater treatment plant, and processes procedure to hand it over to investors. Dong Anh Industrial Park (covering 300 hectares) is preparing for investment project.

Furthermore, Ha Noi has 89 industrial clusters. 43 of them are operating stably; 46 others complete investment in infrastructure, and are calling for enterprises. 21 concentrated wastewater plants are fundamentally completed in 43 industrial clusters which are running their business stably. Ten of them are operating the wastewater treatment plants; 11 others have wastewater treatment plants but have not put them into used yet, or put them into test operation, or fail to operate them and therefore need further investment or supplement; one cluster has just completed construction of wastewater treatment plant, and equipment have not been installed yet; two clusters are preparing for construction; 19 others have not completed their projects on building wastewater treatment plants yet. Total designed capacity of the 10 operating wastewater treatment plants is 10,800 cubic meters per day and night.

The Ha Noi People’s Committee directed Department of Natural Resources and Environment to make more effort, review the processes of making, verifying and approving report on environmental impacts of investment projects in Ha Noi.

According to the review, the processes of making, verifying report on environmental impacts of investment projects follow regulation of Decree No. 18/2015/NĐ-CP dated February 14, 2015 of the Government on environmental protection planning, environmental protection plan, and Circular No. 27/2015/TT-BTNMT  dated May 29, 2015 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on assessing strategic environment, environmental impacts and environment protection plan.

Total time to process administrative procedure is reduced to 20 working days, a decrease against the time stipulated in Decree 18/2015/NĐ-CP dated February 14, 2015 of the Government.
Requirements for project investors are stipulated for each implementation period, from construction to operation.
Investors must maintain capital, utilize measures to reduce negative impacts of the project, solve waste sources which might cause pollution or affect daily life of people in surrounding areas, such as wastewater, emission, noise, solid waste and toxic waste. They must be handled according to current regulations on environment, national technical standard and especially technical standard of Ha Noi issued by the Ministry.

Furthermore, the project investors must fulfill their obligations of declaring and paying fee for environment protection for industrial wastewater.

By Mai Phuong

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