City to increase traffic safety and order for National Day and school opening (21:32 23/08/2017)

HNP - Prime Minister signs Public Telegraph 1224/CD-TTg dated August 17 on traffic safety and order during National Day and opening ceremony of the new school year.

In order to increase traffic safety and order during National Day and opening of the 2017 - 2018 school year, the Prime Minister requests Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, National Traffic Safety Committee, and People's Committees of provinces and cities under the Central Government to perform following tasks in accordance with their authority:

- Increase popularization and information work of traffic safety on mass media; give warning of traffic jam, recommend measures to prevent traffic accidents, especially motorbikes accidents and accidents on rail crossing and waterway; encourage people to use public transport service and reduce the use or private vehicles, in particular for long routes, national roads and highways with high traffic flow;

- Launch Traffic Safety Month for Students campaign in September: enhance education of knowledge and regulations on traffic safety among students and pupils, direct the activities to sign traffic safety commitment among schools, families and students; cooperate with authorities and local governments to protect traffic safety around schools;

- Increase effort to allocate traffic flow properly, mobilize manpower and equipments, timely handle incidents and prevent long traffic jam, especially at gateways to Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City; increase patrol and supervision, and severely handle violations of traffic safety, especially violation of alcohol content, driving on the wrong lanes, overloaded vehicles, speeding, driving without license, and driving motorcycles, mopeds, electric bicycles and electric scooters without helmets; increase traffic safety inspection in wharves and docks, on complicated waterways, particularly in rainy and stormy weather; prepare plans to prevent and stop illegal racing; take measures to increase traffic safety and order around schools, prevent congestion on the first day of new school year, especially  in schools affected by recent flood and rain;

- Tighten control over quality and safety of passenger transport vehicles; request transport units, bus stations, train stations, airports, wharves and docks to prepare plans on passenger transport, meet transport demand of the people, and reduce congestion and delay; control, and severely punish unlawful increase of fares or overloaded vehicles;

- Publicize hotline to receive feedback of the people on traffic safety and order; give timely direction, and cooperate with authorities to handle and overcome incidents as well as accidents.

By Mai Phuong

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