Department of Industry and Trade: Many emulation activities in external information (21:40 13/06/2018)

HNP – According to the Official Letter No. 2794/SCT-VP dated June 11th, the Ha Noi Department of Industry and Trade asked specialized agencies and subordinate units to carry out the thematic emulation movement “Effectively implementing the external information task of the information and communications sector in 2018”.

Accordingly, specialized divisions and units under the Department of Industry and Trade are assigned to continue popularizing strategies, plans and directive documents of the Party and Government on external information affairs; well implementing external information missions in 2018, contributing to carrying out the Party’s foreign policies, building and protecting the country in the new situation; innovating and improving the effectiveness of external information via many domestic and international trade promotion activities held by the Department of Industry and Trade to introduce beautiful images of Viet Nam, the people and the capital city to foreign countries; advising the Municipal People’s Committee to set up schemes, plans on promoting the images of the country and the city; cooperating with relevant agencies to offer new measures to increase the efficiency of the popularization on mass media, contributing to introducing the city’s advantages and potentials to international friends.

In addition, specialized divisions and units will send officials to fully take part in training programs and courses on external information so as to raise public awareness of the role and position of external information as well as improve specialized knowledge and skills for staffs in charge of external information task to meet requirements of duties.

Besides, it is vital to strengthen the popularization of outstanding international integration activities in 2018 as well as the sovereignty of the sea and islands; launch the thematic emulation movements to effectively carry out the popularization of external information of the sector of information and communications in 2018, etc.

By Tran Huong

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