The Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to drastically implement missions in the last three months of 2017 (17:39 17/10/2017)

HNP - Since the beginning of 2017, the sector of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs has comprehensively deployed all tasks and gained remarkable achievements. In the last months of the year, the sector will make more efforts to fulfill the outlined targets and plans.

In the first nine months, Ha Noi created jobs for 127,000 out of 152,000 people, reaching 83.5% against the plan; considered 3,950 loan projects worth VND 850 billion to create jobs for 29,000 laborers. In addition, the Ha Noi Employment Service Centre organized 155 employment transaction sessions with 4,126 enterprises, units; interviewed 39,837 labors; enrolled 16,879 people; received 32,095 dossiers for resolving unemployment benefits. The Department also paid unemployment allowances for 31,444 people with the total amount of VND 499 billion; gave financial assistance of vocational training to 1,266 people with the total amount of VND 4 billion.


Besides, the sector has paid special attention to vocational education. In the first nine months of the year, vocational training establishments enrolled and educated about 133,380 out of 150,000 turns of people, accounting for 88.9% against the yearly plan, posting a year – on – year increase of 8.8%.


Furthermore, the sector also took care of poverty reduction and social welfare assurance. Particularly, the sector reviewed poor and near-poor households in the capital city; granted health insurance cards to people with disabilities. In the first nine months, the Department received 582 people into social protection centers; granted 357 bus ticket cards for disabled people; advised the Municipal People’s  Committee to visit and give emergency aids to victims caused by the blazes in districts of Hai Ba Trung, Nam Tu Liem and Hoai Duc with the total amount of VND 78 million, etc.


The sector has positively carried out preferential policies for policy beneficiaries and revolutionary contributors. The Department resolved preferential mechanisms to 20,100 contributors; paid monthly allowances worth VND 1,341 billion for 93,405 cases. By the end of September, 2017, Ha Noi raised  VND 68.13 billion for the gratitude fund, reaching 370% against the plan; offered 9,163 out of 3,509 savings books worth VND 12.46 billion, reaching 261% against the plan; repaired and improved 269 out of 109 works  recording martyrs’ contributions with the total cost of VND 194.9 billion, fetching 247% against the plan; built and repaired houses for 916 contributors’ families with the total cost of VND 41.48 billion, accounting for 250% against the plan; visited and presented 481,824 gifts worth VND 199.2 billion to policy beneficiaries, revolutionary devotees, etc.


Especially, over the past months, the sector has effectively implemented child protection and care, gender equality. The sector has organized 180 training courses of child protection, care and gender equality for officials, civil servants in charge of gender equality, child protection and care in 30 districts, suburban districts, towns and 584 communes, wards; built 3 models of preventing child accidents, injuries in three communes, etc.


In the last months of the year, the sector will focus on fulfilling all targets assigned by the city; effectively carrying out projects on developing labor markets in Ha Noi by 2010 with an orientation to 2020; enhancing labor demand – supply connection via employment transaction sessions; boosting forecast and information of labor market; implementing fully preferential policies for the contributors; strengthening inspection of implementing the policies in the area; carrying out measures for sustainable poverty reduction, especially in mountainous ethnic areas, etc.

By Tran Huong

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