Paying attention to policies and quality of training staffs, managing teachers (23:26 17/03/2017)

HNP – Over the past years, Ha Noi has paid attention to education and training sector. Particularly, along with expanding scale of schools, classes and improving the quality of teaching, studying, the capital city has focused on effectively implementing policies, training tasks for teachers, management staffs.

At present, the education and training sector has 133,830 management staffs, teachers in all education levels. By 2016, Ha Noi recorded 319 vocational training facilities with 8,489 teachers, Ha Noi Capital University and 12 colleges.


Known as a leading locality with all teachers, management staffs meeting education and occupation standards, over the past five years, the capital city has arranged hundreds of management staffs, teachers in education establishments to take part in oversea training courses, international conferences, seminars all over the world, so as to improve professional qualifications and gradually approach education level of regional countries.


From 2011 to 2016, Ha Noi enrolled 33,380 teachers for all education levels to meet requirements of large school scale. Especially, over the past five years, the capital city recruited 26,395 teachers for preschools to stabilize and develop the sector.


In addition, Ha Noi has implemented full preferential policies for teachers, management staffs in education establishments as stipulated by law; provided funds for training education officials, staffs; closely directed departments, sectors in deploying enough regulations on policies, such as: raising salary for 100% of teachers, staffs; paying allowances as stipulated by law.


Besides, the Department of Education and Training has established the Steering Board for Education and Training and clearly assigned responsibilities of each unit, individual to build and implement the plan on regular training for teachers, staffs in accordance with guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Training, the capital city; directed units to evaluate, classified teachers, staffs according to six standards and 25 criteria, such as: morality, lifestyle, specialized qualification, management and teaching ability, etc.



By Tran Huong

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