Quoc Oai District fulfills socio-economic development targets in 2017 (14:47 15/12/2017)

HNP - Quoc Oai District has made greater gains in the socio-economic development in 2017. Especially, budget revenue witnessed a sharp year-on-year increase of 70.1%, exceeding 33.3% against the estimate.

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According a report of Quoc Oai District, in 2017, the district’s economy maintained high growth rate. The total production value was estimated VND 10,088.36 billion, accounting for 100.1% against the plan, posting a year-on-year surge of 11.7%. The total budget revenue reached VND 860.624 billion, fetching 113.3% against the estimate assigned by the district People’s Council, equal to 170.1% in comparison with the same period last year. The budget expenditure was implemented effectively to meet missions and processes of the socio-economic development and important political events.


In terms of agricultural production, the total cultivation area was estimated at 11,000 hectares. In addition, the district has finished the approval of 16 communes having plans on conversion of plants and animals with the total area of 2,702.6 hectares; enhanced the establishment of concentrated production areas, such as safe vegetables in Nghi Huong and Tan Phu communes, longan in semi-mountain communes; implemented the program on putting machines into agricultural production to gradually mechanize the agricultural production.


Besides, the district has promoted trade and services; stably maintained the market and price to ensure consumption demands on Tet holiday; tightened the control of commercial fraud activities. Particularly, in 2017, functional forces checked 142 cases, handled 123 ones with the total fine of VND 305.23 million, seized and destroyed goods worth VND 48.57 million.


In terms of basic construction, since the beginning of the year, the district People’s Committee has directed and urged to speed up the implementation of basic construction and investment plan with a focus on land services, infrastructure of new-style rural area building targets in 2017. So far, the district has implemented 187 projects.


Implementing the year of administrative discipline, land management and new-style rural area building, the district has boosted inspection, reviewing of construction order observance to timely prevent and handle violation cases. In 2017, the district granted 14,811 certificates of land use right, reaching 100% against the plan. The district also monitored 297 works, handled 139 violation cases.


Furthermore, the district has paid special attention to ensuring preferential mechanisms, policies for revolutionary contributors, social protect beneficiaries and poor households; building and repairing 401 houses for the contributors and martyrs’ relatives with the total cost of VND 22.4 billion; synchronously carrying out policies for poverty reduction. After all, the district reduced by 800 poor households, accounting for 100% against the plan, so the poverty rate was 0.5%.


In 2018, Quoc Oai District will increase more efforts to maintain sustainable economic development growth; strengthen economic restructuring to improve the efficiency of production, trade and competitiveness of each sector; focus on developing socio-economic infrastructure, especially traffic works, education, health, etc so as to improve the quality of human resources as well as people’s living standards.


On the basis of the gained achievements of 2017, the People’s Committee sets up some following key targets in 2018: the growth rate of the total production value of some major sectors will reach 11.76%, in which, industry – handicraft and construction will witness an increase of 13.32%; trade - services and agro-forestry-fishery will increase 14.14%, 0.93% respectively; budget revenue will reach VND 845.7 billion; Per capita income will be VND 44 million, etc.

By Tran Huong

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