Ha Noi adjusts Target program on IT application in state agencies for the 2016-2020 period (18:51 07/12/2017)

HNP – With 100% of votes at the 5th session on December 5, the Ha Noi People’s Council passed a resolution on adjusting the Target program on information technology (IT) application in state agencies of Ha Noi for the 2016-2020 period.

Director of the Department of Information and Communication Phan Lan Tu makes a statement at the session

According to a statement made by Phan Lan Tu, Director of the Ha Noi Department of Information and Communications, to deploy contents of the target program, the Municipal People’s Committee has issued many plans on IT application in state agencies in 2016 and 2017.


In addition, the capital city has focused on strengthening administrative reform to create favorable conditions for enterprises, people as well as boosting IT application in resolving administrative procedures. 2017 is considered as breakthrough year of IT, thus, Ha Noi has positively deployed numerous activities of IT application and development, making a strong change in building e-government toward smart city. After two years of implementing IT application, the city has gained achievements in many fields.


Since 2016, the city has provided 156 online public services at level 3, 4, increasing the total number of online public services to 451 (posting a-year-on-year surge of 52.9%), reaching nearly 24% of the total administrative procedures. It is scheduled that by the end of 2017, Ha Noi will provide 154 more services at level 3, increasing the rate of online public services at level 3, 4 to 32%.


Since the beginning of 2017, the capital city has organized training courses on basic IT skills for 5,145 learners. By December 31, 2017, the city will finish training for 8,952 ones.


According the resolution that has just been approved, the Municipal People’s Council decided to adjust targets at point 2.3, missions at Clause 2, Clause 3.


The resolution also supplemented a series of tasks, including: approving E-government architecture framework and building detailed e-government architecture after the framework approved; deploying innovative start-up eco-system portal of Ha Noi; building smart city; adding major solutions to implement the program; outlining preferential policies for cadres, public servants in charge of IT in state agencies and issuing mechanisms to attract qualified IT human resources; the total capital for the program is VND 3 trillion.


Giving comments for the resolution, deputy Do Thuy Duong said that 178 cities all over the world have built smart cities, so Ha Noi needs to boost the building. She also noted that the city should make a strategic plan on human resources, policies to successfully implementing smart health, education, etc.


Deputy Nguyen Thuy Duong gives her comments for the resolution


Answering the above concerns, Director Phan Lan Tu said that Ha Noi has made a roadmap on three phases of building smart city, including: building basic infrastructure; drawing the participation of local people in managing and establishing a digital economy; developing smart city, etc.

By Tran Huong

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