Hang Dong Street (07:29 29/07/2017)

HNP - Known as the area of copper products, Hang Dong is one of the business streets in the famous Ha Noi Old Quarter.

(source: myhanoitours.com)

Hang Dong Street is about 0.13 kilometers long, and runs north to south between Hang Ruoi and Bat Su Street. It is only nearly 0.7 kilometers southwest from Hoan Kiem Lake and 0.3 kilometers northwest from Dong Xuan Market. This is one of the few old streets where traditional trade is still preserved.


A copper shop on the street (source: kienthuc.net)

This was the home of immigrants from Cau Nom village (Hung Yen province), who came to the capital city to practice their traditional craft as coppersmiths. Almost all households opened shops to sell copper goods; originally, they offered houseware, such as trays, pans and pots, then decorative ornaments and worship items like vases, animal statues and cranes.

In the French colonial time, Hang Dong and Bat Su Street were merged into one and named Rue des Tasses (Street of Grail). After the August Revolution in 1945, it was again divided into two again; most of the bronze stores gathered at the end of the street.

Nowadays, Hang Dong is associated with the trading of copper items; only a few families on this small street still retain the traditional craft of carving copper. Aside from copper objects, the workshops and stores offer new iron items, such as balustrades, hand rails, signboards, and different types of doors. There are also several shops selling porcelain and other commodities from Taiwan, China.

By Mai Phuong

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